Mobile Learning

How can we help you?

At IEA, we have created a number of cost-effective and efficient mobile learning solutions helping our clients stay competitive with a well-informed workforce.

To optimize elearning impact, our eLearning experts:

  • First, understand your mobile learning needs and the learning environment
  • Based on design and technical considerations, they come up with user-friendly experiences

Enlightenment Revision Kit

We have a KCPE Revision Application to help your child adequately prepare for the Exams. The application mimics a real exam environment with additional features such as automated marking of exam, revision for questions, report analysis and more.

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Pefa South B App

Download the PEFA South B app.

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What we offer

At IEA, we offer a wide range of mobile learning solutions including

  • Native app development
  • Migration of existing adobe flash based courses to HTML5
  • Develop HTML5 based custom and rapid mobile content for mobile devices

Available features in our mobile learning products

Our mobile learning scalable, adaptable and available on demand to meet the needs of the tech-based business environment.

Multi-Device Learning

Our courses are platform independent so that your learners can access the learning content anywhere, anytime and on any mobile device.

HTML5 competency

Our mobile learning experts have outstanding programing expertise and leverage authoring tools for HTML5 output.

Responsive Learning

Be it smartphone, iPad or tablet, our mobile-friendly eLearning courses are based on the principles of responsive design to provide an optimal viewing experience across all devices.

Interactive Design

While designing courses, we focus on both interface design and instructional design. We embed multimedia elements such as animations, video clips, rich interactions, gaming techniques, media clips and scenarios to create an immersive learning experience.

Bite-Sized Learning

Relevant content is chunked into bite-size pieces/micro-learning modules to avoid information overload. These micro-learning modules can be completed in 5-10 minutes. Our bite-size approach helps the learners to recall, retain and reinforce the information.