Localization and Translation.

With our gamification strategy we take your eLearning to the next level! We believe that learning should be fun and motivating. IEA aims to create immersive game-based learning experiences to engage the learners and enhance their performance and productivity. We combine the gamified elements with instructional design and bring the real-world context to learning so that your learners can practice in a safe environment. Our Gamification solutions support all kinds of training ranging from induction to compliance.

Interactive E-Learning Africa

Digitizing syllabus content

Our learning products are built with ultimate interactivity to engage the learner in every step of the course. We manage to maintain the learners attention throughout the study by implementing dynamic design and incorporating relevant storylines. Interactive eLearning Africa has thrived in digitizing learning content and adding interaction flavour. We understand technology is rapidly changing the learning sector; that is why we offer a rich and interactive learning content easily accessed through handheld digital devices.